[Chilli] CoovaChilli & (non CoovaAP) AP

Anatoly Oreshkin Anatoly.Oreshkin at pnpi.spb.ru
Tue Mar 23 16:20:13 UTC 2010


I have wireless Access Point 3Com AirConnect 9150 configured with WPA2/AES
and 802.1X EAP-PEAP-MSCHAPv2 authentication. It uses Free Radius server
for authentication and wireless clients get ip fixed addresses from DHCP
I configured this AP with second SSID (without security) in order for
clients can authenticate through CoovaChilli using UAM method.
It works.
Now I would like to make both WPA2/802.1X and UAM authentication to work
through  CoovaChilli. I can specify  CoovaChilli address as Radius server
address in AP. But of course it's not enough. Is it possible at all to
have CoovaChilli working in such configuration ?
If so, how should I configure for this purpose CoovaChilli and Radius
server ?

Any hints.


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