[Chilli] ipass deployment guidelines

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu May 20 18:34:48 UTC 2010

Since we have completed ipass testing on an chilli deployment and I've 
been told someone else is in the process of going through their 
production testplan I figured it might be helpful if I posted how our 
deployment looks.

iPass integration is fairly basic: it uses WISPr to authenticate with 
RADIUS packets going through a special ipass radius proxy. SSL is 
required for all requests after the initial request.

The first step is to setup a RADIUS server which proxies the IPASS realm 
to the ipass netserver software or server (ipass deployments can either 
use a java daemon you install on a linux server or a full
hardware box). We use FreeRADIUS, which is simple to configure and will 

Second step is to setup chilli. The usual chilli installation procedures 
apply. You will need to enable SSL support, which is required. We 
configure chilli like this:

domain           aas.attingo.nl
uamaliasname     wispr
sslkeyfile       /etc/ssl/private/aas.attingo.nl-key.pem
sslcertfile      /etc/ssl/certs/aas.attingo.nl.pem
uamallowed       "klm.aas.attingo.nl,crl.geotrust.com,pb.ipass.com"
radiusnasid             KLM-WLAN
radiuslocationid        "isocc=NL,cc=31,ac=020,network=KLM-Lounge"
radiuslocationname      "Attingo Services,KLM Lounges"
radiusnasporttype       19

The RADIUS parameters are mandatory and must uniquely identify your 

The SSL certificate must valid for the hostname used for uamaliasip, 
which is formed by combining uamaliasname with the domain (which in our 
case is wispr.aas.attingo.nl). The certificate must be signed by one of 
the well known certification authorities, so no self-signed certs. The 
CRL server for your SSL certificate must be listed in uamallowed, as 
well as pb.ipass.com which ipass clients use to update their phonebook.

Your UAM implementation must also use https and use a proper SSL 
certificate. Extra care must be taken when redirecting back to chilli: 
unless you use a svn snapshot from revision 326 or later (which will 
become version 1.2.3) you must ignore the ssl parameter from chilli and 
generate the hostname yourself; earlier versions of chilli incorrectly 
use the IP address in the URL which leads to SSL validation errors.

I have found uamaliasname to be somewhat unreliable: DNS requests 
occasionally get both a response from chilli as well as a NXDOMAIN from 
our normal nameserver. To circumvent this I would recommend to put the 
uamaliasname in your DNS zone as well.

We use a Pylons based application for our UAM. I've attached the 
controller code which implements the UAM side of the WISPr handling.


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