[Chilli] EAP-SIM authentication and captive portal access controller

kl kl522 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 14 01:34:50 UTC 2011

Assuming EAP-SIM authentication is supported by hostapd, then is there a way to
integrate hostapd with coova chilli so that coova chilli will see the hostapd 

authenticated user as authenticated by coova chilli and continue to manage
the authorization and accounting things ?

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Subject: [Chilli] EAP-SIM authentication and captive portal access controller

Anyone could help me with the understanding of EAP-SIM authentication and it's relationship with a WIFI captive portal access controller such as chilli ?

>From what I understand about EAP-SIM, it simplifies the authentication of a mobile user and the Mobile user acting as a Wifi station will communication with the Access Point using some protocols and then the Access Point will then contact the radius server for final authentication.

The thing is the whole works only concentrate on AUTHENTICATION whereas in a complete value chain of a typical WIFI access, there are other issues such as AUTHORIZATION ( eg bandwidth restriction ) and Accounting. But the thing is this users has already been authenticated using EAP-SIM using an alternative channel, and chilli does not even aware of it, how is chilli going to know the ID of the user and then assign the right authorization and keep track of session data ?

Appreciate your comments.
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