[Chilli] Invalid credential for CoovaChilli with WPA Captive Portal

Ming-Ching Tiew mctiew at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 10:44:22 UTC 2011

--- On Thu, 7/21/11, Ming-Ching Tiew <mctiew at yahoo.com> wrote:

> > 
> > According to this url link :-
> > 
> > http://coova.org/CoovaChilli/WPACaptivePortal :-

Based on this url, when a user presenting in-valid credentials will
still gain WPA access, but be subject to a captive portal and walled garden.

However I also found this url on the net :-


Basically it says it is not possible to change EAP reject to accept. 
So now my question is why is it possible for jradius to accomplish this ?
What is the trick which jradius does to get over this problem ?

Best regards.

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