[Chilli] MACAuth problem

Ryan Day ryan.day at cirrusworks.net
Wed May 4 18:15:24 UTC 2011

I'm running coova 1.2.5, with

/usr/local/sbin/chilli --macpasswd macpass --macauth --uamanydns -c
/etc/chilli2.conf --tundev tun1 -d --fg

as my command line. I'm trying to use MAC authentication, and am seeing
a very strange problem.

When I first get a DHCP reply to my laptop, I can watch the RADIUS
request go out, the server accepts it, and sends back the accept
message. I can watch the process over tcpdump, and in all the logs. I am
able to load the data for that first request(so all the text on a
webpage, but no images or javascript). When I try to reload the page, I
am sent to my splash page and asked to login.

It looks like each request after the very first are not being
authenticated. If I use --macreauth, I can see the RADIUS requests being
sent out everytime I visit a page, the requests are accepted(tcpdump
shows me the accept come back), but I'm still redirected to the splash page.

Am I missing a step, or using the wrong options, or anything else?
Thanks for any ideas!


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