[Chilli] IPv6 Support

Alexander Szlezak a.szlezak at unwired.at
Mon May 30 19:38:06 UTC 2011

Dear Developers,

Thanks for the great work in the Coova Project so far. I have a few 
questions concerning a new project:

a) Does Coova Chili currently support clients connecting via ipv6 (for 
captive portal)?

b) is it possible to have a central coova chili instance and have the 
access points bridged to this server via openvpn and still have 
individual accounting as well as knowledge about which ap the client 
comes from in Coova Chili (e.g. for personalized Splash Pages) - 
Identifier would be the mac of the access points)?

c) which (sourceforge) project for managing client and server data in 
the radius database do you recommend?

thank you for you help,
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