[Chilli] [PATCH] causes chilli to bailout if it was not possible to open a query socket

Peter Warasin peter at endian.com
Thu Mar 1 15:34:13 UTC 2012

hi guys

The attached patch (against 1.2.6) makes chilli bailout if it was not
possible to open a query socket.
If you use chilli_query for communication with chilli in order to
display status or allow administrators to interact you would like to
have chilli to exit otherwise this communication would not work but
chilli still is continuing to operate.

This patch is against 1.2.6 with my previous patch applied. If you need
me to rebase to trunk without the other patch, tell me

Hope you find this helpful.


:: e n d i a n
:: security with passion

:: peter warasin
:: http://www.endian.com   :: peter at endian.com
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