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I can help with that since we have 7 different VLAN’s in one machine and use
the same login page for all. Create multiple instances of chilli, if you
take a look at chilli folder you have a file called newmulti.sh, it’s a
great tool to create multiple chilli instances configs, example:


If you have two VLAN interfaces called VLAN10 and VLAN20 do this:


Bash#>./newmulti.sh VLAN10

Bash#>./newmulti.sh VLAN20


It will create two folders called VLAN10 and VLAN20 with a separate
configurations for each chilli instance. You can configure them individually
while using the same login page.


Check  <http://manajung.blogspot.com/2010/11/setup-vlan-in-coova.html>



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I have a question about the coova chilli integration with vlans.


I've configured two vlans in the coovachilli device but with the same
external login page:






vlan 10 --------->

                                  | ----> login page

vlan 20 --------->


I have a simple login page that redirect to:$username


This works when I'm in the vlan 10, but not in the vlan 20. I've tried to
allow the ip in the vlan 20 interface config but it doesn't work.


What can I do for resolve it? Can I have one external login page for several





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