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thanks for the answers. 

Köszi Gergő a gyors választ Neked is.

I have found all that things yet. But I would like to get the host name before radius authentication. I mean as soon as the dchp part gave ip to the client I want to store client information.

I went through the interesting part of the code and my plan is to receive the required information in the cb_dhcp_request(...) part.
Here I have a connection yet I can use for this.

And do you mean that I can simple implement the following steps?
*create radius message to fill that attributes
*add attributes to that (client ip and host name or anything else)
*call radius-req to send the radius message via the given connection
*call radius response to receive the date
*get attribute from that to save them into a file or store everywhere else

It seems be the perfect solution (or at least good) as I think. Please tell me what do you think about my plan? Is it good direction?

ps. I see in the chilli.c the cb_radius_auth_conf fnc that if radius is enabled the code asks for domain name. but it is not called if I have only dhcp connection as I checked the log file

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 These features are indeed implemented, and work well. Use the
 --dhcpradius option (and compile with --enable-dhcpradius, which is the
 default) and use --macauth. 
 Attributes in chilli C are defined in src/radius_chillispot.h
 On Sun, 2012-04-29 at 23:08 +0200, Gergely Kiss wrote:
 > Hi Tamás,
 > David wrote an article about using vendor-specific attributes to be
 > able to get the DHCP options from the clients (including the client's
 > hostname):
 > http://www.coova.org/node/118
 > I don't know if it's still a proposal or has been implemented already,
 > but taking a quick look at the source tells me the proposed DHCP
 > attributes are already included in the dictionary file:
 > http://dev.coova.org/svn/coova-chilli/doc/dictionary.chillispot
 > On the other hand, it seems the code does not use these attributes
 > anywhere, so I think you will need to change the source to get the
 > hostname as a RADIUS access request attribute.
 > Unfortunately, I'm not good enough at C++ programming to do the
 > coding, but basically you just need to fetch the hostname from the
 > DHCP request (DHCP option 12), store it in a property and pass it to
 > the RADIUS server when sending an access request packet during
 > authentication.
 > Regards,
 > Gergely Kiss
 > Ps. én is magyar vagyok! :)
 > On 29 April 2012 17:19, Fekete Tamás <f.tomi7 at citromail.hu> wrote:
 > > Hello All,
 > >
 > > I would like to get the host name of the connected client. My plan was
 > > simple modify the source code of chilli, but as I suppose it is not the best
 > > way and anyway I have not idea how to do this. But I went ahead and I got
 > > deeper and deeper in this topic. Now I find that radius server perfectly can
 > > solve my problem. It is almost very good news, but I do not know how to
 > > receive the wished attributes from that. Maybe someone can give me some
 > > advice how I can do this.
 > >
 > > But I simple do not understand why the dhcp part cannot prove this
 > > information. I think where I use dhcp server I want to know about client
 > > there. And I do not want to depend on something else. But maybe this is only
 > > my consideration.
 > >
 > > But the main point is now I would be really glad of getting some help in
 > > question of getting hostname. :)
 > >
 > > Nice day,
 > >
 > > Tamas
 > >
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