[Chilli] Coovachilli and Squid Transparent on the same host

Germano Paciocco germano.paciocco at gmail.com
Wed May 16 17:49:28 UTC 2012

Hi all.
I'm tryng to setup a Coovachilli installation with the same server of a
transparent squid proxy. I read this thread
http://lists.coova.org/pipermail/chilli/2010-April/001315.html, and it
reports that HS_POSTAUTH_PROXY and HS_POSTAUTH_PROXYPORT are only for
upstream (external?) proxies, is ti true? I read that in prior versions of
Coovachilli there were HS_PROXY and HS_PROXYPORT that maybe would have
worked in my scenario: are they unsupported on later versions?

If firewall rules are the only solution, anyone can help me with iptables
to do the same job? I need all traffic of authenticated session should pass
through a squid proxy listening on I tried some simple rule,
and I can't get packets forwarded to the listening proxy, that I checked
working on localhost:3128.

It seems that Daniel Berteaud, on the last post to the thread i linked
before, posted his script, but I can't find it attached!

Thank you very much... kind regards!

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