[Chilli] CoovaChilli dhcp start" & "dhcp end

Steffen Dettmer steffen.dettmer at nomadrail.com
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usually /etc/chilli.conf sources automatically created files, such as main.conf, which contains options like "net=". To alter them, usually editing of /etc/chilli/config is appropriate, here you have HS_NETWORK and HS_NETMASK. The files like main.conf should not be edited, see headers of these .conf files.

I guess, "net=" in .conf needs forward-slash "/" (instead of backslash "\") as separator of network and netmask.


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Dear David. B

i have got difficulty with "dhcp start" & "dhcp end" and cannot understand why CoovaChilli is complaining, i need your assistance. Kindly help



It is correct subnet but i get the following error in the log and DHCP do not work

Apr  2 11:10:20 captive coova-chilli[3315]: ippool.c: 238: Invalid dhcpstart=34 ( (outside of subnet)!
Apr  2 11:10:20 captive coova-chilli[3315]: chilli.c: 7178: Failed to allocate IP pool!

Thanks / Regards
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