[Chilli] CoovaChilli Layer-3 Model

Russell Mike radius.sir at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 20:16:34 UTC 2013

Hi All List Friends,

But my question is to the guys using CoovaChilli in L3. It is Ubuntu
12.4LTS & CoovaChilli 1.3.0 installation, It is multi-tenancy CoovaChilli
in ISP data center. Successfully working as L2 model (No Issue At-All, Very
Stable) with FR & MySQL. i have almost reached end of my knowledge and this
list is my last hope. After working for 5 days continuously could not make
CoovaChilli to work as L3 model. i understand this mail does not tell much
how the designe is, therefore it is not possible to advice much. i am ready
to come up with network diagram if someone can support me please. But still
any advice would be very much appreciated here.


[Hotspot-User-Laptop]<----->[Indoor-AP]<----->[Router]<-->(Wireless-Link 2
Data Center)<-->CoovaChilli

Router is acting as relay agent, user can obtain the dhcp ip alright,
cannot get the Coova Login page. Thanks for attending to my request.

Thanks / Regards

RM --
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