[Chilli] Coova-Chilli Multi Tenanency Mode

Russell Mike radius.sir at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 11:57:39 UTC 2013

Dear David & Community Members Greetings,

This discussion is with respect to that, how to make sure all instances are
up for "CoovaChilli" in multi tenant environment after hardware server

*1.)* This is ISP environment. We have 10 Coovachill instances running
(Multi Tenanency) using (VLANs 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100). When system
reboot, all daemons comes up just fine and start serving users by
presenting login page. We are very very happy from Coova-Chilli

*2.)* BUT SOMETIMES when system reboot and after it has comes up. For
example VLAN30 would not present login page, other NINE(9) instances would
be just fine, working as expected. Then i restart Chilli daemon as
solution. Now, all 10 daemons would come up and start serving just fine

*2a)* BUT SOMETIME, when i apply the solution (restart Chill daemon) one of
them would not present login page again (it is random VLAN (Sometime
30/80/20 etc..)).

For example: i restarted the service earlier because VLAN 90 was not
presenting login page, after restart VLAN60 daemon is not presenting login
page. Problem is recoverable, by restarting service more than once.

*2b.)* When a instance would not present login page. Same time i see that,
it is mounted & listening on the port ("netstat") stuff looks obvious from
that point of view. Tunnel would be created as well, all stuff belongs to
that VLAN (that is not serving web page) exists under "/var/run'chilli*
(pid, ipc, socket, bash script).


Now whenever the Chilli Server is restarted, i manually browse & check if
all daemons are presenting login pages. But eventually, we going to run
minimum 120 daemons. it would not possible to browse 120 pages after every
reboot. Is there better way to handle it? or what could be the auto fix? i
was thinking something like a script that can check the functionality, if
everything did not up restart the daemon again. i understand that we do not
restart data center servers everyday but it happens sometimes due to the
power outage or UPS failed or generator did not come up on time etc.

Thanks / Regards

RM ---
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