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> Dear David & Community Members Greetings,
> This discussion is with respect to that, how to make sure all instances
> are up for "CoovaChilli" in multi tenant environment after hardware
> server reboots.
> *1.)* This is ISP environment. We have 10 Coovachill instances running
> (Multi Tenanency) using (VLANs 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100). When system
> reboot, all daemons comes up just fine and start serving users by
> presenting login page. We are very very happy from Coova-Chilli
> implementation.
> *2.)* BUT SOMETIMES when system reboot and after it has comes up. For
> example VLAN30 would not present login page, other NINE(9) instances would
> be just fine, working as expected. Then i restart Chilli daemon as
> solution. Now, all 10 daemons would come up and start serving just fine
> again.
> *2a)* BUT SOMETIME, when i apply the solution (restart Chill daemon) one
> of them would not present login page again (it is random VLAN (Sometime
> 30/80/20 etc..)).
> For example: i restarted the service earlier because VLAN 90 was not
> presenting login page, after restart VLAN60 daemon is not presenting login
> page. Problem is recoverable, by restarting service more than once.
> *2b.)* When a instance would not present login page. Same time i see
> that, it is mounted & listening on the port ("netstat") stuff looks obvious
> from that point of view. Tunnel would be created as well, all stuff belongs
> to that VLAN (that is not serving web page) exists under "/var/run'chilli*
> (pid, ipc, socket, bash script).
> Now whenever the Chilli Server is restarted, i manually browse & check if
> all daemons are presenting login pages. But eventually, we going to run
> minimum 120 daemons. it would not possible to browse 120 pages after every
> reboot. Is there better way to handle it? or what could be the auto fix? i
> was thinking something like a script that can check the functionality, if
> everything did not up restart the daemon again. i understand that we do
> not restart data center servers everyday but it happens sometimes due to
> the power outage or UPS failed or generator did not come up on time etc.
> Thanks / Regards
> RM ---

*Mike Updated His Post: *

Hi, Who ever is facing the problem mentioned above, in multi tenancy
environment, can try to add the delay between when starting / stoping each
chilli daemon. For the reference, you can search archives. i have single
script there that start & stop multiple chilli daemons successfully (Tested
with 5 daemons) and add delays between each daemon when starting and

Coova-Chilli_1.3.0/UB_12.4LTS x64 Server

I Love Covva-Chiili - Thanks David B.

RM --
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