[Chilli] uamallowed & uamdomain help

Luis Ferreira lferreira at cabocom.cv
Mon Feb 11 19:27:25 UTC 2013


Hi everyone,


I've got a problem with allowing paypal to our clients either using
uamdomain our uamallowed. Paypal has several IP ranges, and it does load
balance between them. I've put the full range of ip's on the config, so
that's not the issue, but it does not work all the time.

My question is how does chilli work with dns resolution?

It is because I see that paypal works good during like 12-24 hours, but then
stop working properly and locking the new ip ranges that paypal start using.
And after a couple of hours, it start work again. 

Does chilli makes a dns resolution only once or every now and then?

Could it be that using layer3 is the cause of chilli locking access to

Is it possible to configure paypal access using some other option besides
uamdomain and uamallowed?


Coova-chilli-1.2.9 on Layer3

CentOS 3.0



Luis Ferreira

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