[Chilli] Source code commenting

Frank Münnich mail at frank-muennich.com
Wed Feb 20 18:52:16 UTC 2013

Dear David, dear list-members,

I have a question about the source code for CoovaChilli.
While looking through the code I found out that most functions and files
have almost no comments in them. I found it particular hard to
understand the use and/or usage of functions or whole files altogether.

Hence I would like to know whether there is any documentation or help
available for programmers who would like to contribute to the
development of chilli.

Are contributions in that regard at all welcome to the project? If so,
how is it done best - through wiki collaboration, through patches sent
to David, by other means?

Although I haven't been programming for a while, I would love to sharpen
my programming skills once more. Even if it means that I only insert a
lot of "// this function does this"   to the code.

Questions welcome.
Best regards,

Frank Münnich

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