[Chilli] Comunication Issues

Luis Ferreira lferreira at cabocom.cv
Tue Feb 26 10:21:55 UTC 2013

Greeting to all,


I would like you help with an issue that I’m getting. First I’ll just expose
a couple of my problems:


Every time to time, I found in the list of current sessions on the RADIUS,
users online that do not have login done on Chilli. That cause the radius to
not allow the login because there is already someone using the account.

Also, I’ve notice that some users disappear from the online users, but
chilli still has them on and working. That has a very bad side effect.
Someone connect to the wifi, and if it catch the same ip (lease is for 8
hours) it will get free internet, because radius as already close the
session of the original one.

                Other thing is Chilli disconnect clients, but they still
appear on RADIUS.


All of that seems to me failures in communication between RADIUS (Central
Server on different country with dedicated IP), and Chilli Box’s (Couple of
them spread around with dynamic DNS)


What I thought it could help me, was implementing openvpn with TAP device on
the machines, to improve the reliability of the communications.


So, my questions are:


1º Is this a practical approach (tell RADIUS to use fixed IP address to
disconnect packets, instead of dyndns address)?

2º Will this cause a lot of overhead (low bandwidth)

3º Will this help on the issue 

4º Is there a better approach for this kind of implementation (RADIUS at
remote location and chilli with dynamic dns)?

5º Will openVPN work good with Chilli (Chilli IP |


Thoughts appreciated


Chilli 1.2.9

Layer 3





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