[Chilli] Content-injection

Jed Gainer jedgainer at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 17:42:07 UTC 2013


I have setup HotSpots for people on low bandwidth Satellite links and
all is going well except the users constantly complain. They go over
their daily limit then all want their limits reset for various
ridiculous reasons. One of the big excuses is they didn't know they
had a limit or how to check it. I have wrote a bandiwdth monitor for
them but no one seems capable of typing http://bandwidth in their
browser to keep an eye on it. I really like that screen shot on the
content-injection blog post, I could display their usage on every
page! Looks like I will have one problem though I only want the
content-injection after the login (I need to use the captive portal I


I do have the users forced though Dan'sGuardian and Squid as well but
that method does not look promising.

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