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Russell Mike radius.sir at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 20:07:47 UTC 2013

Hi list,
i want to understand the meaning of following directive when compiling
coovachilli. I tried to google but could not get some results explaining

./configure --enable-layer3

Does this mean if I compiled using this switch, coovachilli cannot be used as
layer2 model anymore, Such as multi tenant, Mac authentication & vlans? And
chilli would be configure for L3. Actually we may use L3 model in future
but L2 for now, need clarification about the switch

Thanks for attending to it.

On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 10:24 AM, Russell Mike <radius.sir at gmail.com> wrote:

> My Greetings to Coova-Chilli Community,
> Question about Covva-Chilli, i am new to Captive Portal concept, but i am
> working on the Linux O/S for sometime now . i need help with respect to
> Coova-Chilli captive portal. i managed to get the following working.
> 1.) Freeradius with rlm_sqlcounters such as "sql_bandwidth_counter",
> "sql_traffic_quota_counter"  "dailycunter", "noresetcounter" etc..
> 2.) Daloradius to manage backend implementation of Freeradius & MySQL.
> 3.) Coova-Chilli up and running, displaying login page and login
> successfully using Freeradious Vouchers, some basic attributes are also
> working using mysql counter (MAX-DAILYS-ESSIONS & MAX-ALL-SESSION etc..)
> 4.) This is Ubuntu Server X64 12.4 LTS - Installation
> Please i need the help for some advance configuration and attributes, i
> would ask two questions, i afraid if my question would be correct, please
> somebody help me
> I don't have some fronted web interface to manage coova-chilli
> implementation, such as, to view live used, kill connection etc. i have
> come across the few JSON & YFi Manager.  i would like to seek advice for
> the one that offers more flexibility and control to be used.
> Is it possible to configure Covva-Chilli build in DHCP server to issue ip
> address from multiple subnets to the clients. Such as, IP to HostSpot-A
> from the range of - subnet And IP to HotSpot-B
> from the rang of subnet, like that? if someone can indicate
> the directive, i am willing to study about it.
> i.e. we have two hotspots A & B, we do not want vouchers to work across
> the hotspots. Vouchers for HotSpot-A Should be Invalid at HotSpot-B)
> should  not allow to login. that means username/password somehow should be
> bounded with the pool ip address (Perhaps With FreeRadius Attribute Using
> Group / Profile). i want help to understand how that can logically work,
> HotSpot-A = VLAN-ID: 10
> configuring coova-chilli that when the dhcp request packet coming from
> VLAN _ID:10 then ip should be issued from specific pool such as from from
> subnet
> HotSpot-B = VLAN-ID: 20
> configuring coova-chilli that when the dhcp request packet coming from
> VLAN _ID:20 then ip should be issued from specific pool such as from from
> subnet
> Why i am doing so because i do not want vouchers from Hotspot-A should
> work at Hotspot-B
> i want to make sure that perhaps there is better way to achieve that i am
> overlooking. Is anyone managed to get that kind of environment working, i
> want their opinion? There is unclear logical picture in the mind, looking
> assistance for the clarity from the community friends. Below i am trying to
> put little different way for same understanding incase i could not put my
> question well.
> Kindly help, how this scenario can work? conclusion of above question.
> Guys, we have two hot spots, need coova-chilli dhcp server to configure
> such as way that it should issue the ip address from the specified subnet
> according to the VLAN (perhaps), if any other logic can be used please
> advice. reason i am doing this because we do not want vouchers to work
> across the hot spots. Voucher for the hotspot A should be invalid at
> hotspot B, if this can be achieved any other way, your advice mean to me,
> thanks for attending to this materiel.
> Regards
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