[Chilli] different landing page (Captive Portal Login Page) for each customer

Russell Mike radius.sir at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 19:57:55 UTC 2013

Dear David B.

i work with an ISP and i have been assigned a task to replace a commercial
captive portal solution with open source. i have already decided to move
forward with CoovaChilli. I have almost completed 70% research of features
those we are expecting from  open source captive portal application. i have
working setup of Freeradius + Daloradius + MySQL + CoovaChilli. i have
tested the following attributes of Freeradius with CoovaChilli and they
worked so well.

1.) Session timeout

2.) Account Expiration

3.) Traffic Quota

4.) Time Based Vouchers

5.) Simultaneous Use

We want to do the following, i wish to know if it is possible with Chilli.

A.) We want Chilli to run VLANs (Multi Tenant), i know Chilli supports
that, Fine, i am okay.

B.) We want different landing page (Captive Portal Login Page) for each
customer that can display their logo on login page. Idea is that Chilli
will run in multi tenant mode with VLANs. Each instance will display
separate page. Can that work, has anyone got it working? Logically it looks
possible but i wish to ask your advice because i am not 100% sure.

Thanks / Russell M.
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