[Chilli] different landing page (Captive Portal Login Page) for each customer

Russell Mike radius.sir at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 09:13:43 UTC 2013

On Sunday, January 27, 2013, EasyHorpak.com wrote:

>  On 27/01/2556 02:57, Russell Mike wrote:
>  Dear David B.
> i work with an ISP and i have been assigned a task to replace a commercial
> captive portal solution with open source. i have already decided to move
> forward with CoovaChilli. I have almost completed 70% research of features
> those we are expecting from  open source captive portal application. i have
> working setup of Freeradius + Daloradius + MySQL + CoovaChilli. i have
> tested the following attributes of Freeradius with CoovaChilli and they
> worked so well.
> 1.) Session timeout
> 2.) Account Expiration
> 3.) Traffic Quota
> 4.) Time Based Vouchers
> 5.) Simultaneous Use
> We want to do the following, i wish to know if it is possible with Chilli.
> A.) We want Chilli to run VLANs (Multi Tenant), i know Chilli supports
> that, Fine, i am okay.
> I use ubuntu I can install vlan and config vlan as eth1.101
> then set chilli to listen on eth1.101
> you can use multi chilli with comamnd
> chilli -c chilli-vlan101.conf
> chilli -c chilli-vlan102.conf
> chilli -c chilli-vlan103.conf
>  B.) We want different landing page (Captive Portal Login Page) for each
> customer that can display their logo on login page. Idea is that Chilli
> will run in multi tenant mode with VLANs. Each instance will display
> separate page. Can that work, has anyone got it working? Logically it looks
> possible but i wish to ask your advice because i am not 100% sure.
> You can setting landing page on chilli -c chilli-vlan101.conf with option
> uamserver http://www.your-landing-page-for-customer1-vlan101.com/login.php
> <http://www.your-landing-page-for-customer1-vlan101.com/login.php>

> Thanks Man,
> For the guidelines, since you told me that it is possible, I will study
> more. Big thanks to Chilli community
> Russell M
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