[Chilli] CoovaChilli MAC Address Auth With Freeradius

Giovanni Bezicheri giovanni.bezicheri at nethesis.it
Thu Mar 7 08:14:13 UTC 2013


you need to specify the macauth and macpasswd (e.g. macpasswd passwd) 
option in /etc/chilli.conf.
When these options is given Coova will first try to authenticate user 
based on her MAC address. For this the radius access-request will use 
the MAC address as username, and the password specified with macpasswd 
option as password. If mac authentication fails, the user will be 
redirected to the normal web login page.



On 06/03/2013 11:38, Russell Mike wrote:
> Dear List Friends,
> please help, i wish to configure Coova for MAC address auth with 
> Freeradius. (Actually, authentication would be on Freeradius) i want 
> to configure CoovaChilli 1.3.0 to send mac address as username to 
> Freeradius for authentication. i know what to do AAA (Freeradius) 
> side, i will handle that. i am seeking the help to configuring coova 
> for above behavior
> i enabled this switch in "*config"* file but still getting the login page.
> i also read about "macauth" in "chilli.conf" but i am not sure how to 
> use. http://coova.org/CoovaChilli/chilli.conf
> Someone please help..
> Thanks / RM --
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