[Chilli] Access to the resource based on user.

Krishnan V R krishnanvr4u at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 14:57:13 UTC 2015


        I am using coova-chilli and freeradius.

        I have user A and B. I am treating internet and a audio stream
from a local PC as two different resource.

       When user A logs-in, he can access only to internet. When B
logs-in, he can access only to the audio stream. I am planning to
implement this requirement using the iptables in the conup.sh based on
username. I am new to iptables and coova chilli. Please can you
confirm if it is possible.

      I have one more requirement where user A have logged in and want
the access the audio stream also. Is it possible using coova

       Please let me know if the requirements are not clear.

Thanks in advance.

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