JRadius svn update

David Bird dwbird at mac.com
Sat Sep 15 06:55:49 UTC 2007


I am committing some change to JRadius in the SVN. I got rid of the  
ObjectQueue and replaced it with a Java 5 BlockingQueue (anyone still  
use Java 1.4??). I also revisited the use of ServerSocketChannel and  
Selector in the main Listener class (used for 'keepAlive' connection  
with FreeRADIUS, etc). Since there are just a small finite number of  
these connections, I switched to using Threads and blocking Sockets  
instead of cycling through a select loop. In doing so, I moved the  
protocol parsing code into the Listener classes (FreeRadiusListener,  
for instance) instead of it being in the Processor classes (like  
FreeRadiusProcessor). This way, the listener can block and wait for a  
request, parse it, and put it onto the processing queue before going  
back to sit on the socket read. I got rid of the Channel/Selector way  
of doing things because I found it rather temperamental and probably  
less efficient (in Java, anyway) than a small number of blocking  
threads... Anyways, committing now.


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