[Jradius] JRadius Proxy mangles User-Password

Murray Long murray at skyrove.com
Wed Aug 18 15:31:24 UTC 2010

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to set up JRadius to accept Radsec connections and proxy them
onto freeradius.

I've set up jardius as described on coova.org, and it seems to work well,
except the User-Password is encrypted by the time it reaches freeradius

I get the following reported on the freeradius side:

    User-Name = "testuser"
    User-Password =

My NAS is sending plaintext passwords so I'm pretty sure Jradius is mangling
the User-Password somehow.

Does anyone know why this would be happening and how to prevent it?

I did notice "dictionary.rfc2865" had a line:
User-Password                2    string encrypt=1
but setting encrypt=0 dosn't seem to make a difference.

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