“Wow! That’s amazing”

François Proulx of the WifiDog project talking about CoovaAP firmware, and later replied, “I am truly pleased to see that someone took the time to create a nice, easy to use package. OpenWRT is now within reach of almost anyone. And I love the fact that Coova integrates a configuration interface for Wifidog.”

“This looks really nice.”, said Tomas Krag, who is interested in this type of functionality to help make it easier for small ISP’s in the developing world to provide simple wi-fi services without requiring too many technical skills.

Thanks! That is part of our mission… to make it a whole lot easier to deploy and use Wi-Fi. I hope you let us know where we can improve to make your deployments easier! Also thanks to those who have shared with me their experiences using and developing with open-source Wi-Fi solutions. Visit us in the forums and share more of your ideas and suggestions…