CC + FreeRadius - splash page randomly appears

Derek C derekchilli at
Tue Jun 23 19:12:18 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I'm using Coova Chilli 1.0.13 with freeradius and mac authentication (and
the macauth and macreauth directives in chilli.conf).

What's always happening to me (prior to 1.0.13 and the macreauth
directive) is that sometimes (mid session) the splash page (uamserver?)
appears to the user even though their mac address is in the radcheck and
usergroup tables.

Generally this problem doesn't happen but it's easy enough to reproduce by
just keeping a computer associated to the Coovachilli hotspot throughout
the day and, every now and then, the splash page pops up.  A refresh or
browser address bar re-entry fixes the problem but its annoying and I've
had complaints from some users that the problem is worse for them (maybe
its not and they complain more...)

I'm pretty sure there isn't any timeout errors between coova chilli and
the freeradius server (nothing obvious with "logread" in openwrt) and the
bandwidth is good and always on.

Has anyone else seen things like this happening?



Derek C
In Ireland

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