[PATCH] SNAT anyip connections

wlanmac wlan at mac.com
Sat Jun 27 06:13:43 UTC 2009

> > weeks. It has major changes, including direct 802.1Q support so a single
> > chilli can control your entire VLAN trunk. The configuration system
> hey, that sounds really great. So with that option and a vlan capable
> switch clients would be completely separated, would they?

Yeah.. though, the typical use will likely be that APs are VLAN'ed and
bridged into a trunked network. You can then have a single chilli
instance running and servicing all these APs. The VLAN id will be sent
to the captive portal and to the RADIUS server. 

> > changed drastically in that the cmdline.o (generated by gengetopt) will
> > only be linked into a new utility "chilli_opt". This new util is
> > responsible for parsing, resolving, and building the runnable
> > configuration. It's launched by chilli on startup, but can also be ran
> > offline to update the configuration of a running chilli. Since chilli
> That's interesting. Could it be used to "pause" a running chilli?
> I have chilli's running in HA environments (keepalived). The chillis on
> slaves should not answer to requests, thus i filter on those systems
> with ebtables for now. A possibility to externally set chilli on hold
> would do the same job, but better so i think.

Interesting... I'd do the 'pause' differently, I think. You'd probably
want to use the chilli_query and an option to stop (stop processing all
sockets in the main chilli loop _except_ processing the cmdsock

> > forks the utility, it'll never stop and wait for DNS resolution. The
> > "tap" interface have also been rewritten a bit such that a chilli tap
> > interface can be added to a bridge... to run chilli on a more pure
> > layer2 network. 
> Very cool.

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