Coova vs Xwrt

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Sun Jan 20 07:20:52 UTC 2008

The web interface in CoovaAP and Xwrt both stem from the same source  
- the original whiterussian webif.  The Xwrt project started as the  
kamikaze port of this webif and added _a lot_ of features. Xwrt tries  
to make as many things possible configurable, whereas CoovaAP tries  
to keep the interface as simple as possible.  Xwrt tends to map all  
possible options for an app into the webif, so it assumes the user  
knows what they are doing. CoovaAP tries to hide the complexity of  
applications by keeping the interface minimal.

CoovaAP is probably more "stable" solely because it has fewer options  
and supports fewer platforms. Of course, I'm speaking only of the web  
interfaces and not in terms of whiterussian vs. kamikaze. When it  
comes to moving CoovaAP to kamikaze, I'm working on a completely  
different kind of web interface, as described here:


On Jan 20, 2008, at 2:19 AM, Ahmet wrote:

> Hi all,
> Here is a new bee question:
> Can we compare coova and xwrt in terms of practicality, stability,  
> or else..
> Can you share your opinions and knowledge with me.
> Respectfully,
> AB
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