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Fri Apr 11 17:04:52 UTC 2008

Recent changes include:

Bug fix in RADIUS timeout, note that option radiustimeout is in seconds!
Fix for dnsparanoia whereby chilli will reply with a host not found  
error instead of dropping the packet suggest by nextime
New option macauthdeny which will result in the black-listing of  
devices given an Access-Reject during MAC address authentication
New internal state called splash in which clients are given Internet  
access, but enforcing the port 80 http redirect
new option dhcpradius for mapping of some DHCP options into RADIUS  
attributes and visa versa during MAC authentication
new options dhcpgateway and dhcpgatewayport to specific a DHCP  
gateway (relay) host IP Address and port
New option (in development) routeif to specify which WAN interface to  
use for the default - this also enables the use of internal routing  
instead of everything defaulting to the tun/tap

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