Accounting badly broken in v1.0.11

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Fri Apr 18 09:36:46 UTC 2008

wlan at wrote:
> If you are having issues with the current release, it is probably best 
> to try the svn version.
Ok, guess I have no choice but to give that a spin now.
> I can't imagine why chilli would be sending out odd RADIUS half way 
> during a session. Is it perhaps not getting any Accounting-Responses 
> coming back (and hence you see the retries)?
Nope, there is one and only one accounting response coming back for each 
and every request, even for all the bogus ones which get sent in very 
quick succession.
> Accounting-On/Off is a new(er) feature and is per RFC - useful for 
> clearing out stale sessions when you know chilli rebooted.
I know that but Accounting-On has got no place whatsoever halfway 
through a live session. In fact a well written system would do exactly 
what you say - honour these packets and clear out all sessions from this 
nas which are still open. If I did that I'd close sessions that are 
perfectly fine...

I think to demonstrate to you the seriousness of these corruptions that 
I recorded I will send you those packet dumps that I created. I'm not 
sure if this list strips binary attachments so just to be safe I'll send 
them to you directly but if anyone else would like to see them let me know.


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