Accounting badly broken in v1.0.11

wlan at wlan at
Fri Apr 18 11:47:26 UTC 2008

Thanks for the report! I'm looking into it now...

Please do give the svn version a shot... try in debug mode (-fd) and  
extra logging (--debugfacility 255) to see it report what's in the  
RADUS retrans queue. I'm trying to reproduce your problem now with  
current svn version.


On Apr 18, 2008, at 11:36 AM, Gunther Mayer wrote:

> wlan at wrote:
>> If you are having issues with the current release, it is probably  
>> best to try the svn version.
> Ok, guess I have no choice but to give that a spin now.
>> I can't imagine why chilli would be sending out odd RADIUS half  
>> way during a session. Is it perhaps not getting any Accounting- 
>> Responses coming back (and hence you see the retries)?
> Nope, there is one and only one accounting response coming back for  
> each and every request, even for all the bogus ones which get sent  
> in very quick succession.
>> Accounting-On/Off is a new(er) feature and is per RFC - useful for  
>> clearing out stale sessions when you know chilli rebooted.
> I know that but Accounting-On has got no place whatsoever halfway  
> through a live session. In fact a well written system would do  
> exactly what you say - honour these packets and clear out all  
> sessions from this nas which are still open. If I did that I'd  
> close sessions that are perfectly fine...
> I think to demonstrate to you the seriousness of these corruptions  
> that I recorded I will send you those packet dumps that I created.  
> I'm not sure if this list strips binary attachments so just to be  
> safe I'll send them to you directly but if anyone else would like  
> to see them let me know.
> Gunther
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