Accounting badly broken in v1.0.11

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Fri Apr 18 12:47:35 UTC 2008

wlan at wrote:
> Thanks for the report! I'm looking into it now...
> Please do give the svn version a shot... try in debug mode (-fd) and 
> extra logging (--debugfacility 255) to see it report what's in the 
> RADUS retrans queue. I'm trying to reproduce your problem now with 
> current svn version.
I just did reproduce it with r165 with is latest svn. I'm sending you 
another tcpdump separately; suffice to say that it's even worse in 
current svn. Chilli cannot even properly handle the very first radius 
session since a fresh starts up. It replays its own session constantly, 
throws in accounting-on and accounting-start packets all the time and 
just causes general nastiness that no radius server should be expected 
to handle for sustained periods and in great amounts :-(

Apologies, I did not do this in debug mode and with extra logging but if 
you are unable to reproduce this I'll gladly follow up with this.


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