Development and coding issues

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Mon Apr 21 11:32:13 UTC 2008

wlan at wrote:
> Oh, and thanks for the wiki contribution... FYI, the "man" pages in 
> the wiki are taken fro the man pages in the coova-chilli source. So, 
> you might also consider those changes there too 
> (doc/ If you want svn access too, just send me a md5 
> style htpasswd entry for yourself.
No problem. While I was editing it I actually wondered how you linked 
the two and ensured consistency. Do you have a strategy there? Or is it 
just: you change one, you change the other?

Here's my htpasswd:

gmayer:Z5QAehk8/En0.  (with md5's weakness these days of course I'll 
change it immediately upon login and setup keys instead)

I'll start making those documentation changes then in the code. I 
noticed a few other things (radiustimeout related) and there's my 
uamanyip arp lan exclude patch from last time, how are code development 
things resolved in coova? Are there any procedures? Where and how do we 
discuss code issues before changing and committing (there's no 
chilli-devel at Is there even a person other than you who has 
svn write access at the moment?


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