Development and coding issues

wlan at wlan at
Mon Apr 21 11:59:59 UTC 2008

> No problem. While I was editing it I actually wondered how you  
> linked the two and ensured consistency. Do you have a strategy  
> there? Or is it just: you change one, you change the other?

actually, i have a super simple "man2wiki" routine in the doc/ script... but, you can also edit in both places if that is  

> I'll start making those documentation changes then in the code. I  
> noticed a few other things (radiustimeout related) and there's my  
> uamanyip arp lan exclude patch from last time, how are code  
> development things resolved in coova? Are there any procedures?  
> Where and how do we discuss code issues before changing and  
> committing (there's no chilli-devel at Is there even a  
> person other than you who has svn write access at the moment?

hm, yet this list isn't overly active...

everyone who has asked has gotten svn access thus far... it's only a  
couple of people. people contribute patches to the list too, which is  
usually integrated directly in.


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