Thanks a lot !

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Tue Apr 22 15:39:59 UTC 2008

SR Infosystèmes wrote:
> Hi !
> I've picked today the svn release, as you recommend in a previous 
> message. And now, as stated in the ChangeLog, Radius Iddle-Session 
> attribute works !
> A question : what's the primary use of radiustimout Coova-Chilli 
> option, as this behaviour is managed by Radius Iddle-Session attribute 
> ? Is it for some people who don't use Radius ?
radiustimeout is currently undocumented (at least in the man page), it 
controls the amount of time that chilli will wait for a response from 
the radius server until it attempts retransmission. In 1.0.11 this 
defaults to a reasonable 5000 milliseconds (to allow for possible 
network delays etc.) but in latest svn this has been changed to 30 
seconds. Specification has also changed from milliseconds to seconds but 
this is still in flux (I suggest changing it back to the old default of 
5 for compatibility reasons, 30s default is too long) so don't rely on 
this until 1.0.12 is released.
> As you said that current svn is already 'in the wild' without 
> problems, I consider to keep it as my standard 'release' before 1.0.12 
> arrival.
Actually David said 1.0.11 is "in the wild", I wouldn't use svn for 
production purposes if I were you. Unless of course you have to rely on 
a brand new feature (which I doubt).
> Again, MANY THANKS, for all this work !!!
> All the best from Oleron Island.
> Stéphane Rivière

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