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Tue Apr 22 18:46:25 UTC 2008

Hi Gunther,

> radiustimeout is currently undocumented (at least in the man page), it 
> controls the amount of time that chilli will wait for a response from 
> the radius server until it attempts retransmission. In 1.0.11 this 
> defaults to a reasonable 5000 milliseconds (to allow for possible 

Thanks to help me understanding the radiustimeout usage...

>> As you said that current svn is already 'in the wild' without 
>> problems, I consider to keep it as my standard 'release' before 1.0.12 
>> arrival.
> Actually David said 1.0.11 is "in the wild", 

Yes, you're right, Thanks to correct this !

> production purposes if I were you. Unless of course you have to rely on 
> a brand new feature (which I doubt).

Radius Iddle-Session attribute works now (or must I say work again), and 
it's a must-have for my needs...

Well... I think giving this svn release a try, with the 1.0.11 bahind 
the wall, ready to go... (I like living near the edge :)

All the best from Oleron Island

Stéphane Rivière


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