CoovaRADIUS, Drupal, and more

wlanmac wlan at
Wed Dec 17 14:24:23 UTC 2008


New to Coova is the release of "CoovaRADIUS Personal Edition". Read the
blog, download the PDF, and learn how to setup your own captive portal
using Drupal. It's pretty ideal whether you are creating a community
hotspot captive portal or if you just use Drupal for your own content

This is also the first version of a line of commercial RADIUS server
applications based on JRadius, the Java RADIUS framework that is
released under the LGPL. 

As of now, CoovaRADIUS supports only PAP and CHAP authentication
natively. However, you can still use FreeRADIUS as the front-end server
(in the standard JRadius way) to add other authentication methods. 


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