VPN fix on kernel 2.4?

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 19 13:43:11 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

There was a thread some time ago about pptp VPN's not working with 
chilli. Peter Warasin found the solution to lie in some iptables rules 
in the raw table. I recently came across the same problem but sadly 
found out that on my WRT54GL with openwrt firmware I don't have iptables 
raw module :-( It seems that kernel 2.4 by default doesn't have it 
(neither vanilla 2.4.34 nor latest 2.4.37) and iptables_raw.c was only 
introduced in the 2.6 kernel series.

So, without suggesting I move to kernel 2.6 (which isn't an option at 
this stage), what do you think I should do? I see Mikrotik made a patch 
for 2.4.30 which includes iptable_raw, NOTRACK and so on but I'm not 
sure my kernel hacking skills are up to the task...



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