Configuration Question

wlanmac wlan at
Wed Dec 31 16:48:13 UTC 2008

> > Now, can someone please help me how to construct the values for the
> > following parameters:
> > 1. uamhomepage
> > 2. wisprlogin

For a bit of clarification, uamhomepage is used as the first page
redirected to, but uamserver is still the page redirected to when
accessing the /prelogin url in chilli. 

wisprlogin URL is an option to alternatively offer a different URL in
the WISPr XML block instead of the default of uamserver. 

As noted, both of these are not required. 

> You don't need any of these to get you going.
> > 3. uamserver
> You would have something like
> where the index page (e.g.
> index.php) in /mylogin/ on your apache is your login script, coova
> comes bundled with some stock chap based ones I think.

uamserver is required and should be pointing to the script that will be
processing the initial redirect query string parameters... It should be
your hotspotlogin script or equivalent application. 


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