5 second redirection delay?

Ahmet ahmet.basmaz at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 12:29:00 UTC 2008

Do you think there exist a technical reason for this delay?
Is it just for coova image to be seen?

Graham Beneke wrote:
> Ahmet wrote:
>> Hi,
>> At /etc/chilli/www/coova.html there is a 5 second delay before
>> redirecting to uam page (<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="*5*;
>> URL=/prelogin">).
>> Is there a purpose for this delay? Can I remove it safely (<meta
>> http-equiv="refresh" content="*0*; URL=/prelogin">)?
> I changed it down to 2 secs on mine.
> I agree - 5 seconds it quite long. Particularly when some of my sites
> have such high latency that that externally hosted UAM login page
> takes a further 5-10 seconds to load.

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