WDS Troubleshooting

Henk Kleynhans henk at skyrove.com
Tue Jul 1 13:24:18 UTC 2008

I'm having a tough time getting stability on a test WDS setup using
CoovaAP (0.9).

When I do get it to work, I find I can't do the following:

1. I can't ping one router from the other's console. (However, I can
successfully ping both from a client PC connected to either router)

 (NOTE: I've  discovered that I can ARPing from the Host Router to the
Repeater, from br0 (like so: "arping -I br0", but NOT
vice versa!)

2. Obviously, not being able to ping, I also can't ssh from one router
to the other (though I can ssh into either from a client PC connected
to either)

Why is this?

How can I check the status of my WDS links? (and possibly try to
re-initiate a link if it appears to be down...)

I also find that if the Host Router gets power cycled, the WDS link
appears to go down.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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