dhcp option 252 Proxy autodiscovery

Michael Mende m.mende at failover.de
Thu Jul 31 13:58:09 UTC 2008

Hello Coova,

I've wrote a patch to add the "Proxy autodiscovery" via dhcp to
chillocoova. It works well on my setup. The only thing that might suck
is a segfault if --wpadurl is not set either by commandline argument or
in local.conf. This will be fixed next.

The WPAD file might be set in local.conf:
wpadurl = "http://myserver/wpad.dat"

or by as commandline parameter --wpadurl="http://myserver/wpad.dat"

You can find the patch at [1] and [2]. Please feel free to take it for
coovachilli as well.


Kind regards,

Michael Mende

* Linux Cluster Consulting
* http://www.failover.de/
* michael.mende at failover.de

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