dhcp option 252 Proxy autodiscovery

wlanmac wlan at mac.com
Thu Jul 31 17:58:31 UTC 2008

Hi Michael,

Yes, a segfault when not defined would be problematic. 

I have been resisting adding individual DHCP option support into chilli
- there are so many of them possible. Instead, you can use either an
external DHCP service or you can add ChilliSpot-DHCP-Options attributes
(containing DHCP formatted options as content) in the reply packets
during MAC authentication. With that said, perhaps WPAD is special.
Though, it might be nicer to have chilli serve up the wpad file itself
(to take care of the required mime-type and everything). 


On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 15:58 +0200, Michael Mende wrote:
> Hello Coova,
> I've wrote a patch to add the "Proxy autodiscovery" via dhcp to
> chillocoova. It works well on my setup. The only thing that might suck
> is a segfault if --wpadurl is not set either by commandline argument or
> in local.conf. This will be fixed next.
> The WPAD file might be set in local.conf:
> <snip>
> wpadurl = "http://myserver/wpad.dat"
> </snip>
> or by as commandline parameter --wpadurl="http://myserver/wpad.dat"
> You can find the patch at [1] and [2]. Please feel free to take it for
> coovachilli as well.
> [1]
> http://www.failover.de/Members/menole/patches-and-snipplets/coovachilli/coova-chilli_1-0-12-wpad-patch/view
> [2]
> http://www.failover.de/Members/menole/patches-and-snipplets/coovachilli/coova-chilli_1-0-12-wpad-patch

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