upgrading coovaap

Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at bilkent.edu.tr
Thu Jun 19 13:24:53 UTC 2008

I was using coovaap 1.0-beta-7d for a while with WRT54GL..
And i wanted to upgrade the files.
I SSH'ed...and gave the command ipkg update and ipkg upgrade..
While it was downloading and updating the files..
It started giving no space left on device error.
And it wasnt accepting any other comands later.
I tried my only chance and rebooted..
And i reset the system.
Now when i connect to web interface it asks me to enter a new password but
when it is writing it it gives the error. It seems the flash is still
To tdelete some files i try to ssh to system but.
It doesnt accept blank/admin/root etc passwords as i know for default.
What can i do now.. how can i make it work again? :)

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