[Chilli] Multiple Instances of Coova

Devinder Singh devinder at palettemm.com
Wed Nov 18 07:07:32 UTC 2009


I have a situation where i need to run multiple instances of Coova on
a PC. For example each time i run an instance of Coova i want to use a
different config file. How can i assign coova to use different config
file when it runs as multiple instance.

Each instance users would get a different login page. i suppose i need
to use VLAN also to differentiate the network.

I managed to create VLAN2 and able to view the hotspotlogin.cgi file
when i ran the following command

/etc/init.d/chilli start --conf/palette/conf2 --ieee8021q

but i cant seem to start another instance of chilli when i type the
above command

ps aux | grep chilli only shows one instance of chilli running.

I managed to set VLAN2 on Coova and use an  an AP with SSID guest on
VLAN 2, I also managed to get the DHCP IP address on VLAN2 from Coova.
great. Now i need some help on how do i run several instances of Coova
which would display a different hotspotlogin.cgi file based on
different VLAN ID.


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