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Thomas Liske liske at ibh.de
Wed Nov 18 08:30:42 UTC 2009


here are my experience on using coova-chilli 1.0.14-1 with different vlans:

Devinder Singh wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a situation where i need to run multiple instances of Coova on
> a PC. For example each time i run an instance of Coova i want to use a
> different config file. How can i assign coova to use different config
> file when it runs as multiple instance.

I'd the same problem here and managed it by customizing the init.d 
script to support multiple configuration files. I'd to use different 
uamuiports on each instance, since chilli opens the port listening on 
IP_ANY - so the second instance could not open the port and did refused 

> Each instance users would get a different login page. i suppose i need
> to use VLAN also to differentiate the network.
> I managed to create VLAN2 and able to view the hotspotlogin.cgi file
> when i ran the following command

I'd use the 802.1Q feature of the linux kernel (using the vlan package 
on Debian). I use a software bridge between the ethernet vlan device and 
chilli - using the ethernet vlan device directly should IMHO also work 
out of the box.

> /etc/init.d/chilli start --conf/palette/conf2 --ieee8021q

What does/should the --ieee8021q parameter do?


> but i cant seem to start another instance of chilli when i type the
> above command
> ps aux | grep chilli only shows one instance of chilli running.
> I managed to set VLAN2 on Coova and use an  an AP with SSID guest on
> VLAN 2, I also managed to get the DHCP IP address on VLAN2 from Coova.
> great. Now i need some help on how do i run several instances of Coova
> which would display a different hotspotlogin.cgi file based on
> different VLAN ID.
> Regards
> Devinder
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