help in developing coova !!!!

Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at
Wed Oct 14 08:56:27 UTC 2009

As i read on the forums and according to my own needs, we are planning to
develop an option on coova.
What we need is as i previosuly write on this email list.. We need to
reserve some ip addresses and set them to some macids also to be able to
use some staticip devices on coova network like printers switches etc..

As far as i see there are a couple of problems and options.
First of all, it is unable to use staticip pool without enabling uamanyip
parameter. But enabling this, also enables the client set ip addresses
outside of stat and dynamic ip pools.

Solution might be creating a localfile with some macids=ipaddresses and
coova should reserve this ip addresses fr this macids even it is in
dynamic pool.

Or allowing to give static ip addresses if ip is on staticip pool even
uamanyip parameter is off.

Or only allowing staticip pool to be used if the ip address is set by
radius by framed-ip-address parameter.(sure anyip parameter off again)

So what i am asking is a little help on which solution is much more useful
for  coova community..and also where should i start.. is the solution lies
on editing ippool.c or dhcp ??

I am asking this because editing the source just according to my needs
wont help coova community itself much.

Any ideas will be appreciated..

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