Oliver Hinckel info at ollisnet.de
Sun Sep 20 18:46:39 UTC 2009


we're using CoovaChilli to provide our customer Internet access with 
different bandwidth. It works quite good, but we still miss one feature: 

AFAIK, CoovaChilli does the bandwidth handing with just dropping packets 
when the bandwidth limit is reached. This has the following drawbacks:

1. the client needs to retransmit the packet again when it was dropped, 
which increase the traffic in the network and decrease the performance 
(especially when using wireless access points the WLAN is transmitting 
much more traffic than it realls needs and the load of the WLAN is 
higher than it needs).

2. there's no way to priorize special traffic to avoid packet loss when 
bandwidth is reached (e.g. when downloading something via FTP the VoIP 
traffic should not be dropped, better the FTP traffic should be dropped 
to keep the VoIP with stable quality).

Using tc on the clients router would be one solution to configure QOS, 
but a) we don't want to configure each client router with tc (too much 
work) and b) some client are connected directly with a notebook and we 
don't have access to them to configure the bandwidth.

So the question is, is there any posibility to configure CoovaChilli to 
priorize some traffic and drop other traffic of on client if the 
bandwidth is reached? And it doesn't seem that CoovaChilli does some 
packet queueing to do some QOS stuff. Is it planned to be included in 
next releases? Or is there any other solution to setup QOS in 
combination with CoovaChilli?

Thanks for any answer!


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