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Tue Sep 22 08:00:00 UTC 2009

You could use the conup/down scripts to automatically do some tc work.
Adding packet prioritization isn't something that we've planned on
doing... I think it's better for another device to do the shaping. What
chilli could do, however, rather easily is set a QoS flag in packets to
have an upstream QoS device prioritize some users over others. 

On Sun, 2009-09-20 at 20:46 +0200, Oliver Hinckel wrote:
> Hello,
> we're using CoovaChilli to provide our customer Internet access with 
> different bandwidth. It works quite good, but we still miss one feature: 
> QOS.
> AFAIK, CoovaChilli does the bandwidth handing with just dropping packets 
> when the bandwidth limit is reached. This has the following drawbacks:
> 1. the client needs to retransmit the packet again when it was dropped, 
> which increase the traffic in the network and decrease the performance 
> (especially when using wireless access points the WLAN is transmitting 
> much more traffic than it realls needs and the load of the WLAN is 
> higher than it needs).
> 2. there's no way to priorize special traffic to avoid packet loss when 
> bandwidth is reached (e.g. when downloading something via FTP the VoIP 
> traffic should not be dropped, better the FTP traffic should be dropped 
> to keep the VoIP with stable quality).
> Using tc on the clients router would be one solution to configure QOS, 
> but a) we don't want to configure each client router with tc (too much 
> work) and b) some client are connected directly with a notebook and we 
> don't have access to them to configure the bandwidth.
> So the question is, is there any posibility to configure CoovaChilli to 
> priorize some traffic and drop other traffic of on client if the 
> bandwidth is reached? And it doesn't seem that CoovaChilli does some 
> packet queueing to do some QOS stuff. Is it planned to be included in 
> next releases? Or is there any other solution to setup QOS in 
> combination with CoovaChilli?
> Thanks for any answer!
> Regards
> Olli
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